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Service We Provide

StartUps Proof-of-Concepts

We help in building Proof-of-Concepts for Startups to pitch angel investors.

Embedded Applications

We help in building the Embedded AI applications.

Machine Learning

Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.

Internet of Things

We help in building the IoT applications.

Web Design

We are pioneers in creating user-friendly websites that can attract the target audience and enhance your business.

Apps Development

We support application development related to artificial intelligence

eCommerce Websites

Sell anything smarter with the help of our eCommerce specialists. Affordable eCommerce development services in Bangalore.

Design for Startups

We design beautiful modern engaging websites that always latest responsive technologies.

Electricity Load and Price Forecasting

Stock Prediction

Biometric Security Clearance System

ERP System

Fingerprint Based Attendence System

Face Recognition Based Attendence System




Item Sold





Clean & Modern Design

Designing clean and modern websites

Useful Shortcodes

Useful Shortcodes to develop websites

Parallax Section

Parallax Sections are used in our projects to add an effect to the background and foreground contents

Multipurpose Concept

Multipurpose templates to satisfy customer requirements and design websites accoding to current trends

Responsive Layout

Responsive and beautiful layouts

Light wight Performance

Light wight websites, Apps to increase stability

Free Lifetime Updates

Time to time updates to increase productivity

Endless Possibilites

We think and add new possibilities to make better of your products

Know More About Our Company

Why Choose Us

We design and develop Websites, Apps, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Proof-of-Concepts from in-house Product Development Team with sophisticated tools from our partners.

Tons of Features

latest features according to current trends

PowerPack Theme

Giving PowerPacked and light wight themes to your projects

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”